Lord Dalhousie Period in India 1848-1856
Lord Dalhousie Period in India 1848-1856

Lord Dalhousie Period in India 1848-1856

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lord dalhousie was belong from british and he was general governor of india during 1848 to 1856, The perception of indians about lord dalhousie is is very good Because in his periode some developing work were happen in india since independence, He was a good general governor of india, In this Article i will try to tell some work wich was happen during lord dalhousie periode.

lord dalhousie in india 1848 - 54

lord dalhousie in india

Doctrine of lapse

lord dalhousie announced that the state that was created by british charter has no right to appoint an adopt son as succession such state shall be merged in to companies (East India Company) rule.

This rule is imposes in india in some places..

1  Satana                      1848
2  Jaitpur                      1849
3  Sambhalpur             1850
4  Baghat                     1850
5  Udaypur                   1852
6  Jhansi                       1853
7  Nagpur                     1854

In 1853 were railway (From Bombay to Thane) was established in india for the first time.

Why Railway was Introduced in india.

Railway was established by the britishers because it help the for the trade purpose But in other way it help also indians also because this the communicate each other easily and it help to end castizm and help to build a single country, At that time castizm problem was in india at the biggest level. So in a same coach upper cast and lower cast peoples was travel. 

Railway helps britishers   

Railways help EIC. for trade thought it raw material was take pleace to the ports very easily Basically railway was introduce by the britishers for trade purpose thought this they can increase their earning from india. 

During the lord dalhousie period also PWD was established in india for build roads bridges , buildings , Govt buildings and so on..
Also Indian Post was introduce for the first time in india during his period.

In Next article i will try to give you more information about some others General governors


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