Free WordPress Contact Form
Free WordPress Contact Form

Free WordPress Contact Form

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Why contact form important for Professional WordPress website

Mostly Professional blogger are using Contact Form 7 on their website and also I am using it since 2015 So according to my experience i will strongly recommend this plugin to my readers and also because Website Contact form is the very significant part of blogging suppose for a moment, a reader who read your blog and he want to connect you or he want to write you an email (it could be several reasons) but on your website contact form are not available then this is pretty difficult for him to connect you, May be he require your help regarding blogging or about anything So this is the reason we should use contact forms on our website. There is several contact forms are available but today according to me i will tell you about the best contact form which is use by the millions around the world. So let’s see which one is the form and how it’s setup in WordPress.

Contact Form 7 Setup Process..

  Step One

  1. Open your WordPress dashboard and go to plugins than in the section of plugin click on add new plugins and search Contact Form 7 there are several plugins were show but you have to select right one. Select Contact Form 7 which is Develop by Takayuki Miyoshi and their users are 5 million.
WordPress Contact For 7
WordPress contact form 7


2.    Do click and install when it will go install than activate it Once when it go activated than again go to plug-in and in this section find installed Plug-in and search Contact form 7 in several plug-in.

3.     When you will find the Contact Form 7 than click on settings now here you can see contact form which is already created but you can manage this form accordingly to you. What information you want from the reader when they write you an email. Mostly bloggers ask only The name of the reader and there email id. Once the setup done than a short code would show there, Copy that Short code.


4.  Now go to Appearance and under the Appearance click on Widgets new here under the Available Widgets click on custom HTML and paste that Short code and do save.

Wordpress contact form
WordPress contact form

Now finally you can see your Contact Form on your website.  This is the very simple process of setup to Contact Form on Website

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