Best WordPress Plugins Beginners Website need to Install
Best WordPress Plugins Beginners Website need to Install

Best WordPress Plugins Beginners Website need to Install

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Best WordPress Plugins Beginners Website need to Install


Dear Readers today’s post we will know the best and important plugins for WordPress website which is essentially important for a WordPress website. To the beginners this would go to give him a brief knowledge that which plugin should install in your WordPress which one is not So we will discuss about that in this article. As we all know that how plugins help us to improve our website continually and how we can extend our website functionary which is great for the WordPress Users. When we find or search a plugins in WordPress than he show many plugins for the same function So if you are a Beginner than this become very difficult for you to select right one or Which plugin is free and have best function. So in this Post i will tell some important plugins which is very important and even Every WordPress Use these plugins. Though this post i am focusing at the beginners S o i will suggest them to use free version of the plugins because there are also premium version are also available So you can get according to financial situation.


Best WordPress Plugins for 2019 ( You Must Have these Plugins )


    •   Classic Editor


One of the Best WordPress plugin ever for WordPress Blog post writing, I am using Classic Editor since the beginning, Classic Editor Working since many decades,  I will strongly suggest to everyone that they should use this plugin because this is very easy to use,  there are also many editor plugins are available like (Gutenberg)  But this one is the best  use. Gutenberg plugins is pretty difficult for use to the beginners, it’s functions are not usable easy as Classic Editor. Mostly Blogger’s use this plugin. and it is very easy to install on WordPress website. What you all have to do is.. Follow given Steps-


classic Editor WordPress Plugin
                                                                               classic Editor WordPress Plugin


  1. Open your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Left side of the dashboard click on plugins
  3. Then click Add New
  4. Search Classic Editor in search Bar
  5. Do that Install
  6. After that Activate that

Now your Plugin is Installed So you can use it when you are going to write post’s


•     Yoast Plugin


yoast SEO WordPress Plugin
yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

The Best SEO Plugin Ever, Almost 2 decades old plugin which is mostly used by the Bloggers and The Most recommended Plugin by the bloggers and by the WordPress. I personally use this plugin from 2 years i got a great experience with it.  Yoast SEO plugin have a Multiple Features. It can become structure of your WordPress website. So don’t forget to use this plugin specially if you are a beginner.

Features of Yoast SEO Plugin

  • This is create free Sitemap for the website’s
  • Though this plugin We can add Focused Keyword or targeted keywords
  • there is function of add Meta Description. So we can write Meta Description for our Posts

. When ever we write any post than he show the SEO Score for that particular post So though this function we can analyze our post improve our SEO Score. There are both version are available Free and premium You can get, But will suggest to get premium version because this plugin is the structure of a WordPress website according to my experience.

Web Hosting

•  Installation Process

  1. Open your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Left side of the dashboard click on plugins
  3. Then click Add New Plugin
  4. Search Yoast SEO in search Bar
  5. Now do this install and after it activate the plugin.

Now Here you have set up too many things So now go to the Installed Plugin now there you have to select Yoast SEO setting once that will go open Setup all. Like Google search Console, Bing Webmaster, and your WordPress site information.

Once all setup process will go done than we can update our old post with good SEO Score which help site post’s  to index on google.


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•   Contact Form 7

The most extra ordinary and flexible and easy Contact form plugin for the WordPress website.  The mostly bloggers use this Plugin. I personally Use this plugin. This plugin is totally free and easy to use. Though this Form readers can easily can write you an Email or we can say that this is the best way to communicate with the blog readers.


contact form 7 wordpress plugin
Contact form 7 WordPress Plugin
   • Installation Process


  1. Open your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Left side of the dashboard click on plugins
  3. Then click Add New Plugin
  4. Search Contact Form 7 in search Bar
  5. Now Do install and then activate

After all this happen, We can easily add this form on our website though the Widget setting

Social Snap


Social Snap WordPress Plugin
Social Snap WordPress Plugin

The best way to generate traffic and promote website is to use Social Media Platform So for get this If we have a WordPress Website than we should must have a Social Sharing Plugin and The Best free Social Sharing Plugin is Social Snap with lot’s of awesome features and also it’s upgraded version available with extra features, But I will suggest to get it’s free version in the beginning. I am using it from a long time and it’s performing very good for my website. And it’s also provide statics of sharing. We can also show our Social Followers Static on our WordPress Site  We can also manage it setting though our WordPress Dashboard. It’s installation process is very simple. We can also add Click to Tweet button.


[ctt template=”12″ link=”SI3xl” via=”yes” ]The Best and most WordPress Plugin in 2019 that is working great work from many decades So in any circumstances we should use these Plugins [/ctt]



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