how to setup a wordpress website like pro - Techkers Talk
how to setup a wordpress website like pro - Techkers Talk

How to setup a WordPress Website

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How to setup a WordPress Website

In this modern and technical generation folk have their website or blog and also this generation always finds opportunities to make money online. And also there are many online platforms available where people can generate a passive income through and WordPress is one of them. So though this article we will understand, How to set a WordPress Website like a pro blogger. WordPress Website setting is very significant for every blogger for security concern who has WordPress Website Because a proper setup can help your website SEO Friendliness (Search Engines) and also in protection concern. For the great content writer who knows about Content Marketing in-depth or expert in content marketing strategy, then he should have must knowledge about WordPress Site Setting. If you don’t know how to set up a Website then all content marketing efforts can abolish maybe in the future. So without any knowledge just follow this article for setup a WordPress Website. If you are creating content (Blog Post) on daily basis and have a good then this will be going to help a lot, according to a case study I felt that I should write an article for those folks who are a blogger. This setting is important to make our website an SEO Friendly Website. Finally, forget all and let’s start the process of setting a WordPress Website.


1st Step

So firstly we have to go to our WordPress admin Page and put User name with Password. The password should be in the 2nd section. then click login.

How to setup a WordPress Website


2nd Step

Once when WordPress dashboard gets login then to the WordPress Plugin menu and click on that, Now here we can manage installed the plugin, So I would recommend to deactivate the unnecessary plugin,s which is harmful to the website. We should not use too many plugins, So find a good and trusted plugin because lots of plugins are there which is recommended by WordPress. So in this concern do proper research and then use if possible then go to the plugin official and see there reviews and features. Once when it complete then go to WordPress Admin Panel.

How to sepup a WordPress website


3rd Step

So under the WordPress Admin Panel click on settings, Now we can see such kind of page on our screen So here under the general setting option we can fill all our blog information like Site Title, Tag line of the site, Domain Address, Email and so on. After fill all the information then do save. So under the setting option, we can see there are seven options were showing (General, Writing, Reading, Media, Discussion, privacy, Permalinks) for setup So we can set it easily.

How to setup a WordPress Website


4th step

Now we have to go to the upper right corner where we can see Howdy admin under this click on edit profile. Now here we can see such features.

How To setup a WordHow To setup a WordPress WebsitePress Website


  1. We can set our admin user name
  2. Password and also we can update our email id
  3. We can update our email id
  4. We can set our Biographical Info which will show each page
  5. We can also set our WordPress Profile Picture

After the fill, all information does save that, So these are the basic WordPress Settings for beginner bloggers So if you are an experienced blogger then you can understand that how much settings WordPress has.


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So finally I would say to those bloggers who are planning to build a WordPress Website or if some one have already then these settings keep in mind because these are the basic setting and If you have a WordPress website and you forget to setup these settings Do it right now. Because without proper setting WordPress website can hacked. I have been hacked in past but i recovered it my WordPress Website because I was imported my all WordPress Backup or Data.


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